Bring It On (BIO) - add-on for Internet Explorer (IE).

BIO helps quickly launch directly from IE registry editor pointing to a key or to launch Widows Explorer (WE) pointing to specific file or to a folder highlighted in your browser.


Usage is very simple:

  1. Open a web page in IE and find reference to a registry key or file system object
  2. Highlight registry key of the interest or file system object
  3. Make right click and, in opened context menu, choose Bring It On menu item
  4. Depending on what you have highlighted:
Examples of usage

There are several practical examples below, that you may found useful to find out how BIO works

Registry key

Registry keys on web pages may use different formats. Nevertheless, in all of the examples below BIO should work well:


Highlight the file on this page and run BIO. It will open new instance of WE, pointing to the file:


Open folders in a new WE:


Installation is very easy:

  1. Unpack ZIP file into temporary folder
  2. Run BIO_install.vbs file

Note: you may remove temporary folder after you install.

If you want to make any changes, you may run the installer script later without uninstalling the program first.

Content of the package

Package includes:

  1. Main running script
  2. Install / uninstall script
  3. Free RegJump tool form Sysinternals. v1.01 of the tool is included for your convenience only. We recommend to download the latest version directly form its web site. Or you may replace it with any other tool, that can open specific key in a registry editor.
  4. CMDH tool (to run RegJump in a hidden CMD window)

Note: you may use BIO with any other registry editor that allows to point to a registry key.


If you're not satisfied with the program - follow common uninstall procedure. Open Add or Remove Programs dialog box in Control Panel and remove it from there.


This add-on uses ActiveX method of starting program on computer. ActiveX runs in Local Computer Zone. By default, when IE browser starts an ActiveX, it may show dialog box, asking for for confirmation to allow to run that ActiveX control. In order to use BIO, you have to press Yes button.

If you want to avoid that annoying dialog box we recommend to change setting for My Computer (Local Computer) zone allowing initializing and script ActiveX controls. Our installer will prompt you to do so and, with your permission, it will help to change that setting for you. If you'll decide to change it later - you may do it by reinstalling the add-on.

[+] ActiveX registry setting

You may check registry value, that allows or restricts initialization and run of ActiveX controls in Local Computer Zone. Check value "1201" in this key:

[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\0]

Supported values are:
   0 - action is permitted (enabled)
   1 - makes prompt
   3 - action is not allowed (disabled)

You may change it manually, if you wish.



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