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Since 2013-07-01 Microsoft has ceased providing any online updates for investments. Moreover, links to MS Money service, hardcoded within MS Money program, become broken and there is no way to update stock, mutual funds, indices prices automatically anymore.

Fortunately MS Money allows manual import of investment related information using .OFX files. This web page offers you Windows-based script, that will get latest investment prices, put them into .OFX file and import them into your MS Money program.

MS Money is still a valuable tool to keep all your banking data in one place. With help of GetQuotes.js script, offered from this page, it can get additional life for those, who used to use it, or for new prospective users, who may consider to use it to track on their finances. Read more details about that program here - What Is Microsoft Money Plus Sunset?. You can download Money Plus Sunset Home and Business from Official Microsoft Download Center. It's completely free for unlimited use.


We have developed simple script, that runs using Windows Script Host service, which comes with any Windows computer and doesn't require installation of any additional packages (like Python or Java).


To setup your environment to get updated quotes from the Internet with GetQuotes.js there are simple steps:

  1. Download ZIP file (see link below) into any folder
  2. Unpack its content into a folder, where you're going to use it
  3. Edit GetQuotes.inv file and enter your particular investments there or enter them directly into script file
  4. Open MS Money and create a new dummy account with any name (for example: Online Updates)
  5. Run GetQuotes.js file (double click on it in Windows Explorer or use any other known method to launch it). It will create new file GetQuotes.ofx in the same folder and launch it
  6. MS Money will try to import GetQuotes.ofx file into its database and ask you which account should be used for that. Use the dummy account Online Updates, that you've created earlier

That's it. Next time you run GetQuotes.js file it will import latest investment data (with updated prices, of course) into your MS Money without asking for any account info.

Command line options

GetQuotes.js script supports followed command line options:

Options Description
/v Verbose mode. Use it for debugging problems
/r Make report. You may copy data from report dialog box into Clipboard by entering Ctrl+C
/d Dry run. Script will create output file, but will not try to import it into MS Money
/i:fileName Input file, providing lists of investments to import
Example: /i:MyStocks.txt
/o:fileName Output file
Example: /o:Quotes.ofx or /o:Quotes.xml (to see data in XML viewer)
/st:list List of stock investment separated by comma
Example: /st:QQQ,GOOG,MSFT
/fn:list List of mutual funds, separated by comma
Example: /fn:TRSSX
/ix:list List of indices, separated by comma
(it looks like MS Money v17.0.0.3817 doesn't import indices)

Note: if you need to put a list of investments with one option, don't separate them with spaces, use comma instead

Input file format

Input file can be used to enter three types of investments to import into MS Money:

Format of the file is very simple:

Example of simple input file:

Stocks: QQQ, GOOG, MSFT, ^IXIC // stocks and indices
Funds: TRSSX // specify your mutual funds here
Indices: // currently not used by MSM to import

You may specify any file name as input file (using /i:filename option, see above) or you may create file with name, similar to script itself, but with .INV extension.

Output file format

By default script makes output file with its own name, but with extension .OFX. When MS Money is installed it usually registers this extension for its own importing component. It means, if you double click on file with that extension, the file will be interpreted by MS Money and imported into it automatically.

Script produces output .OFX file as well formatted .XMP file. At any time you can rename it using .XML extension. It will allow you to open and see it in any XML viewer. It's a convenient way to see what MS Money is importing.

Tips to use script


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